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Animal Chiropractic to provide optimal health for your pet.

The Calling to Help Creatures Big and Small: Animal Chiropractic with Dr. Gambucci D.C.

Dr. Anthony Gambucci is known not only for his compassionate care of humans but also their pet companions! Dr. Gambucci felt a calling early in his practice to help our animal companions heal from their pain. He chose to pursue certification in Animal Chiropractic though the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Animal Chiropractic focuses on healing the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Dr. Gambucci is here to help treat your animal’s aches and pains with gentle, all natural pain relief. You can help maintain the well being and compassionate care of your animal companion by scheduling regular visits with our office. Call  310-322-0912 today to schedule your animal chiropractic visit!

So why choose Chiropractic care for your pet? Your animal’s spine is the complex foundation of bones (vertebra), ligaments, muscles and nerves that affect the entire function of the body. When your pet's spinal or skeletal system is out of proper alignment, your pet’s nervous system can be affected, which may create pain or decreased range of motion. . Dr. Gambucci incorporates a gentle touch when he adjusts your pet’s vertebrae and skeletal system to help increase normal mobility and function, decrease pain, stiffness, and tension. 

Dr. Gambucci is certified by the  American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in Animal Chiropractic.  The AVCA offers the primary Animal Chiropractic Certification Program in North America through a two year post-graduate training program. To insure the optimum health care for your pet, Animal Chiropractic is available with your Veterinarian's referral and supervision

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